Like any other large purchase for a business, cool room shelving is an investment. Return on your investment can be difficult to measure given that storage systems don't give you a 'return' as such, but choosing the wrong shelves for your cold room can cost your business money in more ways than one.

Because we talk a lot about how the right shelving can save you money, this article is going to focus on ways the wrong shelving can cost your business money.

1. The wrong cold storage unit could contaminate your precious stock.

Sometimes, shelving units can contaminate the food it holds, in particular if the food leaks onto the unit. An example of this is tinned tomatoes leaking onto metal shelves. The acid from the tomato can corrode the metal, ruining not only your food, but the storage system itself.

Our plastic cold room storage shelves are all 'food grade'. In layman's terms, this means that even if your food comes in to contact with the plastic components, it is still safe for consumption. This protects both your customers and your business, reducing the risk of cases of food poisoning or having to throw out contaminated stock. In addition, food grade plastic doesn't contain dyes, recycled plastic, or other chemicals that can be harmful to humans. Combine this with built in antimicrobial protection and you can be assured you are providing your customers with the safest storage option available.

2. The wrong shelving system can result in lost productivity.

Although painful, cleaning your storage unit is essential. When it comes to busy businesses like cafes and restaurants, it can be easy to overlook cleaning, but it absolutely essential to ensure a healthy working environment for staff and customers. The frequency at which you clean your shelving system will depend on your own businesses policies and procedures. When shelving is difficult to clean, it can result in staff cutting corners, or running out of time and not doing a thorough job. So we advise to make this process as easy as you can for your staff by choosing a system like ABS Tuff Shelves.

Unlike other cold storage systems that often need to be dismantled for a thorough clean, the plastic shelves in this system can be pulled out one by one and washed individually, so it is perfect for spot cleaning. If you want to make life really easy on yourself, simply place each shelf level in the dishwasher - it does not get any easier than that!

3. The wrong shelving can result in having to purchase extra bays of storage.

Some customers come to us frustrated because they purchased a cool storage system from another company without effectively planning for the future. Now, they have excess stock, have run out of space and have purchased a shelving system without the capacity to add extra shelf levels.

With our systems, you can take comfort in the fact that you can purchase additional shelves for each bay if your storage needs increase. Each level is height adjustable so can accommodate small and large items and can be configured in a way that maximises your precious space.

See just how easy it is to add an extra level of shelving here.

4. Mobile vs. fixed shelving systems

For large cool rooms or businesses with multiple sites with stock that may need to be moved from site to site , ease of moving product around is essential. Having to load and unload product onto other shelving units or into boxes in order to transfer the stock is time consuming and frustrating, which is why we recommend adding wheels to your cold room storage units.

The benefit of this is that goods stored in mobile shelves can be easily moved around a facility, or into a truck to be delivered elsewhere. Instead of unpacking the stock, you can move the entire unit. A simple yet effective way to save time and money when transferring stock or rearranging a cool room.

For more tips on how to improve your coolroom, check out our blog, or contact our friendly team, we are here to help.