Whenever we speak to customers about their #1 priority when choosing their cold room shelving system, following quality comes a request for maximising the area within their workspace.

The benefits of choosing from our range of Mantova cool room storage systems are multiple.

Not only are you supporting Autralian businesses and the local economy, you are also purchasing a high quality product that is customisbale to your indiviual coolroom area.

Mantova offers the flexibility of multiple lengths, depths and accessories so no matter the configuration we will have you covered.

There are some simple steps we recommend completeing before decided on a cool room storage system.


The first step to maximising space is the correct planning of the coolroom area. There is nothing worse than receiving a brand new shelving system to find that the shelves don't fit or that there aren't enough to fit the stock you have on hand.

Below is an example of a rough floor plan we completely recently for a customer.

If neccessary, we can visit your workplace and measure up the available area. This can save time and money as we know exactly what is required from the beginning and will be able to make proper recommendations that will suit your business.

Another option is to simply send us a copy of your floorplan, ensuring you include the correct dimensions.

Know what you are stocking and plan for the future.

The great thing about Mantova coolroom shelving is that it is available in 15cm increments with the shelves adjustable at every 50mm so no matter what product you are stocking you can adjust the shelves to fit. What some customers don't think about is what will happen as their business grows. Have you ordered enough storage to ensure that large deliveries are catered for? Unlike regular storage, coolroom items are not items that can just be 'put in another warehouse' until room becomes available in the cold storage area, so plan ahead to ensure even the largest of deliveres will be catered for.

Know the space saving tricks and tips that are available.

Our shelving systems have a few tricks up their sleeve to make your storage area effective and there are many accessories available to assist with making the most of valuable space.

Accessories for maximising space and organising your cool room

Bridging clips

Bridging clips are a great way of bringing 2 shelves together to create a corner area or add additional bays. Made of stainless steel, instead of having poles that blocks access to the shelf, you use a bridging shelf it make to easier to get stock in and out.

Clips are available on M-Span, Real Tuff and Wire Shelving.


Bulk Wine Storage Racks

If you have wine or other drinks to store in a chilled area, take a look at our bulk wine racks, available in multiple styles and sizes

Shelf Ledges

By installing a barrier along the perimetre of the shelves, you take the risk out of storing breakable products near the edge of the shelf, making the most of space on the shelf.

Made from stainless steel, these ledges are available in various lengths.

Shelf Divider

These dividers assist with organisation and are designed to separate products on the shelf.

Finished in either stainless steel or zinc, they easily clip into the front and rear of the shelf and can easily moved around if need be.

To hear more about maximising space, creating an organised work area or making the most of your cool room shelving system, just contact us, the experts in cold storage areas.