While we talk a lot about the importance of choosing the correct type of shelving for your cool room, there is less discussion around how the type of finish you choose can impact the effectiveness, lifespan and warranty of your cold room shelving products. The surface finish you choose can have both a positive or negative effect on the lifespan of the storage system, and can have detrimental effects, resulting in costs that many small businesses cannot afford. Many customers are not even aware that they have the option of choosing different finishes and the pros and cons of each.

This article is aimed to educate readers in the different type of finishes there are available for coolroom storage, and what kind of finish might be beneficial to you.


Firstly some background on our unique supplier. We are proud to have been stocking and selling Mantova coolroom shelving products since 1998 for many reasons, including:

  • Mantova is Australian owned and operated, and has been building it's exceptional reputation as Australia's largest coolroom shelving manufacturer for 40 years.
  • From listening to and taking on board feedback from customers over many years, Mantova has created superior products with patented techniques that meet our customers' needs.
  • Mantova products are not only kind to the environment, but kind to your budget, by using manufacturing processes that reduce costs.

Below we discuss the different finished the shelving is available in, and why it may or may not suit your business.

Polished Stainless Steel

If your work area is more often than not a humid and wet place, your shelving may be at risk of corrosion. Businesses that we commonly see affected are butchers and fish mongers. To avoid this risk, a polished stainless steel finish should be your #1 choice and it is available on wire, Real Tuff and M-Span shelving.

Although the cost is slightly higher, when maintained correctly this type of shelving can last a lifetime. Mantova has also found a way of combining plastic shelves with stain steel framework so that the cost of having this type of system is dramatically reduced.

Injection Mould Plastic

If your #1 priority is shelving that is easy to clean, then a plastic storage system could work for you. A huge bonus for plastic is that it won't rust, but many customers are hesitant to use plastic in their coolroom. Their wariness is warranted, due to issues with getting plastic strong enough to hold heavy loads while still remaining easy to clean. This is where Mantova's patented products come in. Mantovas M-Span shelving is a one of a kind completely moulded shelf - and when we say one of kind, we mean it is the world's first plastic shelf to have an easy to clean open surface on the top and bottom of the shelf. By creating a shelf that is completely covered by food grade plastic, Mantova have overcome the barrier of weak, difficult to clean shelving.

Zinc Plated

Zinc plated shelving comes in both clear lacquer and powder coated finishes. Suitable for cool rooms, freezers and dry storage, clear lacquer is a popular finish and is available on wire shelving and Real Tuff. Usually selected for dry storage areas and bulk items, clear lacquer can even be used in wet environments. If you combine this with moulded Real Tuff plastic shelf plates, the life of the product increases again.

Powder coating offers an extra layer of protection and is available on wire and Real Tuff shelving. Although this finish is very resistant to corrosion, the one downside to this type of finish is that it is slightly more delicate - if the coating chips off the shelving is then at risk of corrosion. For this reason we do not recommend this type of finish if you are looking to stock items that will regularly be moved on and off the shelving, or heavy duty items that could chip the surface when moving the product in and out.

Ensure you make an educated decision before choosing not just your coolroom shelving, but also the finish of the shelves. The right decision can ensure your storage system lasts the life of your business.