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HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

Food poisoning (food borne illness) is more common than we would like to admit, affecting an estimated 4.1 Australians each year.

The majority of food poisoning is caused by harmful pathogens getting into food, and the most common ones are bacterial such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.coli and Listeria. The way this relates to coolroom shelving is that these types of bacteria can be spread on contaminated surfaces.

How does HACCP help?

HACCP Australia is a leading food science organisation specialising in the HACCP Food Safety Methodology and its applications within the food and related non food industries. Their purpose is to identify hazards then come up with ways of managing those hazards, with the overall aim being to reduce the risks of food contamination through individualised action plans and HACCP based Food Safety Programs.

Once the plans and programs are deemed a success, the product can be endorsed as food safe under HACCP Australia guidelines.

Why we believe HACCP approved shelving for your cool room is important.

When you buy a HACCP product you can be assured it has survived the utmost scrutiny by the leaders in food safety in Australia.

HACCP approved storage systems undergo rigorous testing when manufactured correctly. During the process of assessment, the potential microbiological, physical and chemical hazards of every step in the manufacture, storage and distribution of a food product is scientifically analysed. This process is not something that can be done by business owners without the help of the experts.

As business owners, we know the time and money that is spent making your business successful. The cost effect of an outbreak of food poisoning can be astronomical, such as harsh penalties for vendors, potential loss of customers, and negative associations to your business name should an outbreak occur. Even more worrying, the cases of litigation should a business be deemed at fault is rising.

By purchasing products that have been approved by experts in the field, combined with your own businesses high standards of food handling processes, you know you are doing everything possible to protect your business and yourself.

So what is the verdict on Mantovas range of coolroom shelving?

HACCP Australia endorses the use of Mantova's range of shelving, as food safe equipment suitable for businesses operating a HACCP based food safety programme.

The below products have been approved:

M-Span Shelving
Dunnage Shelving
ABS Shelving Wire Shelving

Endorsement was provided to Mantova Australia on 15 December 2011 after investigating design, materials and procedures in accordance with the standards of HACCP Australia's Food Safety Certification Systems.

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