What are microbes?

While generally too small to be seen by the naked eye, microbes are everywhere, from plants, animals and even in and on the human body. These microscopic life forms can be found as both single and multi cellular organisms and include bacteria, fungi and algae. They can withstand extreme pressure, radiation, temperature and pressure and the effects of microorganisms on their environment can be both beneficial and harmful.

Bacteria, fungi and algae all have the potential to cause issues in an environment that stores food for human consumption.

What can LIFE do for me and my business?

Life Material Technologies Limited (LIFE) has developed technology that is built into the coolroom shelving during the manufacturing process and will last the life of the shelves. This protection has been developed to serve as a second line of defence against micro-organisms, in combination with good hygiene practices. It will not wash or wear away and provides continuous antimicrobial protection.

This idea is that this process will keep your Mantova coolroom shelving 'cleaner between cleanings'.

Inorganic VS Organic treatment

LIFE’s technology uses both organic and inorganic active ingredients, which act in quite different ways.


LIFE's inorganic technology is incorporated into a product at the time of manufacture. The product is given its protection by positively charged ions supplied by the inorganic ingredient concentrate on the surface of the product.

When microbes come into contact with a surface these ions bind with the microbes and cause their enzymes to break down. Unable to product energy, these enzymes break down and they eventually die out.


LIFE's organic technology is incorporated into the product during the time of manufacture also, and has a disruptive effect on the membrane of the cell. This disturbs the nutrient intake of the cell and prevents its division.

How long will the treatment last on my coolroom storage system?

Built-in for the lifetime of the product, LIFE antimicrobial protection helps keep shelves cleaner and more hygienic by attacking bacteria that can contaminate food contact surfaces.

LIFE antimicrobial technologies are infused into Mantova shelving systems during the manufacturing process and become a permanent part of the plastic materials, therefore the active ingredient is always present embedded in the product and continuously kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

Note that LIFE technology is not designed to protect users from foodborne illness and is not substitute for good cleaning practices.

If protecting your customers, staff and business from harmful microorganisms is important to you or you would like to know more about protection for your coolroom shelving, just contact our friendly team.