Q.What are the minimum and maximum weights that your coolroom shelving will hold?

Whether you only need minimal storage for your business or the highest weight capacity, we can help you. Our light duty shelving range will hold 100kgs per shelf level when distributed evenly while our dunnage floor shelving will hold in excess of 450kgs. In between we have our wire system (200kgs), M-Span (200kgs), Tuff Shelf (250kgs) and ladder shelving which holds up to 400kgs. Each shelving system is different, with varying features and benefits, so if you are not sure which one to choose for you, just ask!

Q.Can I send you a floor plan of my dry or cold storage area and can you recommend the best product for me?

Yes! In fact, we recommend it, especially if you have never planned a coolroom or dry storage room layout before. There may be options you haven't considered, such as corner shelving to make the most of space, or mixing both light and heavy duty shelving depending on your needs, to save money. The best motto to live by when planning your storage area is 'Get it right the first time'. Making the right decision initially will save both time and money in the future and will avoid hassles such as having to replace your coolroom storage if you realise later on that you have made the wrong decision. One example that is not uncommon is customers realising a higher weight loading is needed that what was initially anticipated. We recommend planning for the future when choosing your shelving and when your business grows, so will your storage requirements. Choosing a storage system with a slightly higher weight loading than what is needed 'right now' will avoid you having to upgrade your shelving at a later date.

Q.How far in advance should I place my order?

Planning ahead is the key. It is very rare that we have had to turn down an order because we cannot meet the order requirements in the given time frame, but it has happened. Set your business up for success from the beginning and give us as much notice as possible.

Q.Who manufactures your coldroom and dry store shelving?

With the exception of our light duty wire shelving, we order all of our storage systems through Mantova.

Q.Why Mantova?

Not only is Mantova the largest coolroom shelving manufacturer in Australia, it has been building it's excellent reputation for high quality products for over 40 years. Established in 1969 and located is Sydney, Mantova is now known as a name you can trust in the hospitality, catering and food services industries. We have ordered from other coolroom suppliers before, but Mantova consistently meets the demand for quality, strength and value.

From listening to customer feedback over many decades, Mantova have created superior products that are not only kind to the environment, but also kind to your budget, with patented techniques aimed at creating a high quality product while using manufacturing processes that reduce costs.

We have so much faith in Mantova that we back their products with generous warranty's and guarantees. We have done to research for you when it comes to the best of the best in cold and dry storage systems, and Mantova are it.

Q.I want to order something that is not on your website, are you able to order in different products?

We absolutely have access to more than just what is on our website, such as hospitality furniture, storage hardware, barware and other kitchen items. Simply call or email us and we can send you a brochure or discuss your needs.

Q.Do you hire shelving out for food expos or temporary food stalls?

We have selected items that are available for hire temporarily, please contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Q.Don't see your question here?

Contact Us! We can help.