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Warehouse racking is a huge investment for any business, and like most expensive purchases (cars, houses and so on) it requires maintenance to keep it not only in good condition, but safe, and to keep it performing the way it did when you originally bought it.

There are many ways for racking to weaken over time. In our experience, the most common cause comes from mistreatment of the racking. Stories we hear frequently are things like forklift incidents not being reported, incompetent employees who require additional and ongoing training and miscalculations on load ratings, resulting in overloading of the racking.

Summer is well and truly here, and with the sun and heat comes thirst!

With the industry revenue of chilled (non-alcoholic) beverages increasing by 0.7% to an expected $4.2 billion at the end of 2018, small business owners should be looking for every opportunity to increase sales in this area. Chilled drinks have an impressive mark up in milk bars and convenience stores, and these 40+ degree days make it an ideal time for business owners to cash in.

So, what can you do to ensure you are maximising sales in this area? Let’s take a look.

Like any other large purchase for a business, cool room shelving is an investment. Return on your investment can be difficult to measure given that storage systems don't give you a 'return' as such, but choosing the wrong shelves for your cold room can cost your business money in more ways than one.

Because we talk a lot about how the right shelving can save you money, this article is going to focus on ways the wrong shelving can cost your business money.

While we talk a lot about the importance of choosing the correct type of shelving for your cool room, there is less discussion around how the type of finish you choose can impact the effectiveness, lifespan and warranty of your cold room shelving products. The surface finish you choose can have both a positive or negative effect on the lifespan of the storage system, and can have detrimental effects, resulting in costs that many small businesses cannot afford. Many customers are not even aware that they have the option of choosing different finishes and the pros and cons of each.

This article is aimed to educate readers in the different type of finishes there are available for coolroom storage, and what kind of finish might be beneficial to you.

Whenever we speak to customers about their #1 priority when choosing their cold room shelving system, following quality comes a request for maximising the area within their workspace.

The benefits of choosing from our range of Mantova cool room storage systems are multiple.

Not only are you supporting Autralian businesses and the local economy, you are also purchasing a high quality product that is customisbale to your indiviual coolroom area.

Mantova offers the flexibility of multiple lengths, depths and accessories so no matter the configuration we will have you covered.

There are some simple steps we recommend completeing before decided on a cool room storage system.

It is easy to forget about how important coolroom cleanliness is. The kitchens in restaurants and cafes are busy places, especially during peak periods, or times when staff are off sick.

But there are huge risks to not keeping your cold area clean and sanitised. In this article we will concentrate on why cleaning your cold room is important, what 'clean' actually means, and suggestions on what you can do to keep your workplace sanitary.

Note: This is by no means a complete guide, refer to individual instruction manuals for your cool room, consult your states guidelines and/or contact a coolroom cleaning professional if you need further advice.