Our skilled installers have had years of experience fitting out cool room shelving in some of the biggest petrol station names in the business, and will use this experience to solve all your storage needs.

Whether you are an established service station or opening your first servo, we have everything you need to make choosing your cool room shelving a breeze.

Below we discuss 2 of the best selling storage systems for petrol stations.

ABS Tuff Shelf system

Our innovative ABS Tuff Shelf system stands out from the rest, in particular if you are looking for shelving that is easy to assemble, simple to maintain and will give you excellent value for money in the long term. Below we discuss the pros and cons of this heavy duty storage system, and why it works well for refrigerated areas in service stations.


  • This is by far the easiest storage system to clean - just pull out the shelves one by one and wash, or place in the dishwasher
  • There is no chance of rust due to the material this unit is made from. This is particularly handy if you are storing food in the fridge at your service station
  • There is the option to add extra shelves to the unit if your storage needs increase
  • Each shelf is easily adjustable at 50mm increments, to make the most of valuable space in your fridge
  • The feet of this unit are adjustable if you are battling with an uneven floor
  • Our ABS Tuff Shelf is HACCP Approved
  • 100% Australian Made
  • 100% Recyclable
  • We stock a number of accessories available to make the most of this storage unit
  • This unit is a long term investment - although it is more expensive than our wire shelving, it will most certainly last longer, so you may pay more initially but chance are the shelving will last as long as your business does!


  • More expensive than wire shelving
  • Not all business require a rust resistant shelf, particularly if you are not stocking foodstuffs. Our light duty wire shelving discussed below may be a better option if you are only stocking drinks in your fridge. But remember to plan for the future - if you believe at some stage you may be stocking food in your refrigerator, definitely consider ABS Tuff Shelf unit.

Wire Shelving

Our light duty coolroom shelving systems are available in 2 weight loads, up to 100kgs and up to 200kgs. The pros and cons are discussed below.

  • This storage system is a budget friendly alternative to the ABS Tuff Shelf discussed above
  • There are castors available so you have the option to add wheels to the unit, resulting in ease of movement (and remembering your unit may be heavy when fully stocked!)
  • The posts of this storage system can be cut to any height so if space in your storage area is a concern this problem can be easily fixed
  • Our 'up to 200kgs' unit is HACCP approved
  • Our 'up to 100kgs' unit is zinc coated to help prevent rust
  • These wire shelving system are available in a huge range of heights, lengths and shelf tiers, so we can adapt the cool room storage to suit any need.


  • With our light duty unit (up up to 100kgs) there is a risk of rust in the long term as this unit is zinc coated only. This can be avoided if the shelving is well looked after and any spills are wiped up quickly
  • This unit is not recommended for storing foodstuffs due to the risk of rust and contamination

If neither of the above options appeal to you, or you require a higher weight loading for your cool room or dry storage area, try our M-SPAN heavy duty cold room system or our Dunnage shelving, for weigh loads up to 450kgs.

Confused about the right choice when it comes to shelving for your cool room? Don't be! Just contact our team and we can help you every step of the way, from design through to installation.