Light Duty Wire Shelves

Coolroom Shelving Light Duty 900mmIf you are looking for the most cost effective coolroom storage solution, you have found it in our light duty wire shelving system.

It is important when storing foodstuffs that they are protected from contamination, and what many businesses don't realise is one of the most common types of contamination can come from the shelving itself. Coolroom shelving also has certain health regulations applied, which is why it is so important for businesses to make an informed decision when choosing what is best for them.

Although better suited to businesses on a budget, these systems are still high quality and suited to both cold and dry storage. We have two storage systems available in our light duty range.

Light Duty - up to 100kgs

Coolroom Shelving Light Duty 1500mmThis unit will hold up to 100kg per shelf level when distributed evenly, so is usually suited to businesses with lighter stock levels. With the ability to add up to 6 shelf levels per bay, this shelving is very versatile and would suit businesses such as cafes, milk bars and petrol stations, to name a few. The shelving height is adjustable so the unit is flexible if you have stock of all shapes and sizes. In addition, the posts of this unit can be conveniently cut to any height, so if the height of your storage area is a concern the problem is easily fixed. The unit is conveniently available in 4 heights - 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.

This storage system is zinc coated. Zinc is the most popular electroplated coating and offers the best protection against rust and corrosion, getting you more years from your product and more value for money.

We do make a couple of recommendations for this unit. It is better suited to dry products that are not at risk of spilling onto the unit. Although it is rust resistant, liquid can corrode the metal, especially liquid such as tinned tomatoes that are acidic. For this reason we do suggest avoiding wet products.

The feet of this unit are a black rubber, which will stop your floor being damaged. Our customers love that they have the option of leaving the feet as they are or adding castors. Castors are available for $26 and are fantastic if you want to be able to move the unit around easily. This can be particularly helpful if the unit is fully stocked and heavy, avoiding any staff injuries.

Light Duty - up to 200kgs

Coolroom Shelving Light Duty 1800mmOur Mantova light duty range is slightly more robust and will hold up to 200kgs. This system has solid roll formed sides which make it easier to clean and is HACCP approved so you can be assured this product has been tried and tested for the job!

Unlike the coolroom shelving mentioned above, this unit can be used to store wet goods and other liquids. It is also available in a wide variety of heights, lengths and shelf tiers so please contact us for a full list of specifications and prices.

We can assist with the assembly of these units for a fee, but they are so simple to assemble yourself! Even better, the storage system comes flat packed for easy transport.

If you have any questions about the most cost effective cool and dry room shelving on offer, just contact us!